CoreZee Technologies

CoreZee Technologies

CoreZee Technologies is the offshore SW development house of a major Network/Security Stacks company. We are developing Networking and Security SW stacks for deployment on Multicore Network processors using 1-32 parallel CPU cores.

CoreZee Technologies is an engineering services company providing technical and management expertise for the embedded market. We work on high performance embedded networking stacks and security software solutions. With deep expertise in low level SW, infrastructure tools, Kernels, Network & Security SW, CoreZee enables the complete solution. CoreZee's products ensure secure networking of data communication equipments. .

CoreZee Technologies' expert team provides cost effective systems' software solutions based on open embedded technologies to Chip Manufacturers, Systems on Chip (SoC) companies, Device Manufacturers, and OEMs.

Careers @ CoreZee Technologies

At CoreZee Technologies, each team member contributes to the success of our company and our customers. Our customers use CoreZee's Solutions to build groundbreaking new devices.

To learn more about opportunities at CoreZee, please visit the careers section for openings..